custom wedding arbor | GPCurtis

the barnwood benches

$250 - $300
cosmopolitan 703 | GPCurtis
glamour vanity mirror | GPCurtis

GP Curtis shop

cornhole boards

rustic-chic bar cart | GPCurtis


two2three bracelet


custom wmall wood panel wall | GPCurtis

custom wood framing

.223 bracelet | GPCurtis

pray for PEACE


multipurpose table

countertop box


MMMelanin™ | GPCurtis
custom wood beam chandelier | GPCurtis
custom cornhole boards | GPCurtis
shelf ladder | GPCurtis

flower chandelier

.223 boutonnière | GPCurtis
all we need is LOVE | GPCurtis

custom family sign

rustic-chic bar cart



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Black America

custom family sign | GPCurtis

• Minimum budget (materials + labor) for custom work is $500.

• Custom work requires a nonrefundable material deposit, which will be applied to the cost of the final product.

• In order to ensure the highest level of quality, custom orders are limited to 4 pieces/clients per month.

• Allow 2-6 weeks for design, production, and delivery.

• Delivery costs vary by piece, location, and complexity.


glamour vanity mirror

$300 - $400
custom shelving unit | GPCurtis

wood panel wall (8'h x 10'w)

Finally Found You | GPCurtis
pray for PEACE | GPCurtis
custom large wood panel wall | GPCurtis
Black America | GPCurtis

wedding arbor

shelf ladder


wood beam chandelier

copper and brass bracelet | GPCurtis
the barnwood bench | GPCurtis

custom shelving unit

twenty2 bracelet


the MMMelanin™ brand

wood panel wall (10'h x 16'w)

custom flower chandelier | GPCurtis

two2three boutonnière



countertop box | GPCurtis

custom work

all we need is LOVE


cosmopolitan 703


Finally Found You


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multipurpose table | GPCurtis
custom wood framing | GPCurtis