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A native of Decatur, GA; I always enjoyed working with my hands and creating. My parents gave me the tools and encouragement to create at an early age and over time, my creative mind grew. Much of my design inspiration comes from the outdoors – combined with rustic and industrial themes. As an arborist, I value wood for its ephemeral qualities and appreciate the history of reclaimed and old-old growth lumber. My fascination with the industrial revolution and early the American factory shows in the physical toughness of my work, my choice of materials, and chosen color schemes. My beautiful wife and I have collaborated on several projects - adding her chic style to many of my pieces allows for the perfect balance of grunge and elegance.

I attribute my success to my strong faith and am grateful to GOD and those who continually support me, my family and my work. Over the years, there have been many who have helped me get to where I am – friends, family, educators, and sometimes complete strangers. There is beauty in following your passion. I believe if you treat people well, help others with a giving spirit, and do what you love, life will be much easier. Browse the gallery and if you feel motivated to support my work, please kindly donate – or contact us to create you own custom piece.



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• Santorini, Greece

• San Diego, California

• Oranjestad, Aruba

• Chattanooga, Tennessee

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