Gregory Philip Curtis

Carving A Dream: Gregory Philip Curtis, woodworking entrepreneur

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Greg Curtis
Gregory Curtis
Gregory Philip Curtis
Greg P. Curtis

gregory philip curtis

I take a ton of pride in my work and my creative energy. My pieces start out as ideas, usually inspired by daily life or particular experiences. After conception, I draw out the piece in a loose and quick sketch. From here I create scale sized computer generated mockups where I document the dimensions and start building

After having the design finalized, I carefully select wood locally sourced from Georgia, looking for natural qualities in the wood that bring out the spirit of the design. From here, I build the piece – paying close attention to the details of surface preparation, color selection, and finishing. Lastly, before delivery I sign every piece ensuring quality and a dedication to sharing my passion with you. I take these steps to ensure your piece is of the highest quality.

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A native of Decatur, GA; I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and creating. My parents gave me the tools and encouraged me to create at an early age - over time, my creative mind grew.

I gather my inspiration from the world around me and how we as people interact with each other, the natural world, and the built environment. I believe that good design is uninhibited by the constraints of worldly orthodoxy, and constantly try to push the limits of my imagination.

I attribute my success to my strong faith and am grateful to GOD and those who continually support me and my work. Over the years, there have been many who have helped me get to where I am – friends, family, educators, and sometimes complete strangers. There is beauty in following your passion. I believe if you treat people well, help others with a giving spirit, and do what you love, life will be much easier. Browse my gallery, and if you feel motivated to support my work, please choose one of my pieces to own for yourself, or kindly donate.

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