Wood Photo Wall
Wedding Ceremony
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Floral Chandelier
The Mayor's Ball
Atlanta, GA
  • General Consulting
  • What Should I Plant?
  • Planting and Garden Design
  • Planting Installations
  • Plant and Tree Troubleshooting
  • Lawn and Turf Troubleshooting
  • Plant Identification
  • Weed Identification
  • Chemical Recommendations
  • Plant Species Recommendations
  • Tree Reports
  • Curb Appeal Improvements
  • Mailbox Flower Gardens
  • Mixed Floral Pots (porch and patio)
  • Disease and Insect Identification
  • Personalized Maintenance Schedules
  • Condo and Apartment Gardens
  • Don't see it listed? Ask us!
Landscape Master Plan
The Addison Residence
Lee County, AL

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I found this _______ on _______ can you make it?
A: Yes I can probably make it. The quality will be better, but chances are it wont be cheaper than where you found it. If you want exactly what you've found and need it quickly, I recommend buying it from there.

Q: My spouse's birthday is next week, is it possible for you to make this__________ in time?
A: No. In order to give you the best quality possible, it takes 3-6 weeks to design and build custom pieces.

Q: I live outside of Metro Atlanta, can you ship my order?
A: Of course! I can ship custom orders all over America.

Q: Can you tell me what to plant in my yard? Can you tell me what type of weeds these are?
A: Sure! Consultations are billed on an hourly rate, I can meet you on site and answer any questions you have or write a report tailored to your landscape.

Q: What's the difference between a quote and a consultation?
A: Quotes are free and help me get a better understanding of what you're looking for. Consultations are where advice is given, questions are answered, or a report is written.

Policies for Custom Work:
• Minimum budget for all custom work is $500.
• Certain custom work requires a nonrefundable deposit.
• To maintain quality, maximum of 3 custom jobs per month.
• Allow 3-6 weeks for design, production, and delivery.
• Delivery costs vary by piece, location, and complexity.


With over 10 years of experience in the horticulture field; including undergraduate and graduate degrees, collegiate research, and work with botanical gardens, a multi-national landscape firm, and two of the leading universities in the field - we can give you the very best in landscape expertise.

Basic Consulting Packages:

Level 1: ($50/hour, one hour minimum, two acre maximum)

We walk abound your landscape and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to write down any recommendations we make or products we name.

Level 2: ($100/hour, one hour minimum, two acre maximum)

We walk around your landscape, answer any questions you may have, AND give you our hand written notes referencing products, plants, and/or brands and the best place to find them

Level 3: ($300 flat rate, one hour. $100/extra hours, two acre max)

We walk around your landscape, answer any questions you may have, make recommendations based on what we see, AND prepare you a custom report (printed or electronic) that references products, brands, plants, methods, or anything else.

Maintenance Calendar: ($250 per address, up to two (2) acres)
After visiting your yard, we build a month-by-month schedule for what you should be doing to make your landscape the very best! Includes when to apply fertilizers,prune plants, apply chemicals, and when to plant.

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Wedding Ceremony
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
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Landscape Consulting Services

Wooden Chandelier
Wedding Ceremony
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
lighted Vanity Mirror
Glam Room
Metro Atlanta, GA
Landscape Master Plan
Private Residence\
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